Special Edition World Snake Day Coloring T-Shirt
Special Edition World Snake Day Coloring T-Shirt

Special Edition World Snake Day Coloring T-Shirt

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Celebrate WORLD SNAKE DAY 2021 with this Special Edition Shirt that allows you to color, draw and have fun customizing it your own way.

A primary mission of Simon & Siouxsie's show is to educate people about co-existing with snakes. Below are 5 ways you can create a safe space for snakes.

1. Be Snake Aware: Take time to educate yourself on the snakes that can be found near where you live. Learn how to identify venomous snakes in your area. Visit your local zoo to learn more about snakes, or watch more of Simon & Siouxsie.

2. Create a Snake-Free Home: Take a look around your home. Do you have boards, limbs, debris or trash piled up anywhere that can attract snakes? If so, take time to clean up the space. Keep the rodents out of your home with natural, poison-free methods and snakes won't be tempted to come inside.

3. Create a Snake-Free Environment: Cut your grass low and keep the vegetation from getting too thick. Keep your yard clean of debris and it won't invite snakes to stop by. Also, keep in mind that non-venomous snakes are excellent at controlling rodents. 

4. Show Some Respect: Remember, the snake will be more afraid of you than you of it. Leave it alone and it will leave you alone. Enjoy it from a safe distance.

5. Snakes Are Friends: Study up on all of the ways snakes contribute to the ecosystem and you will learn to appreciate them even more. We tend to take care of the things we appreciate.

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